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Not Offended, Just Annoyed...

I don't get offended by "Christian-bashing" anymore. Probably because I'm guilty of it myself, too often.

Last night I was hanging out with a group of people - one of whom I had not met before. Sometime during dinner at a Mexican joint, she made some disparaging comment about Christians. Eh, no biggie. They piss me off too, I thought.

Then a little later someone was talking about taking a religion class at school, and the requirement to read the Gospel of Luke.

The same young woman said, "Yeah, it's a nice story..." and that didn't seem too malicious either. But both comments, coupled with a third later in the evening, all carried an arrogant, mocking militance I had not heard in awhile. It reminded me of... hmmm... a miltant fundamentalist Christian, I guess. The other side of the flipped coin. And so it goes.

Fundamentalists come in all shapes and sizes, and usually someone burned on one extreme will jump to the other: burning to freezing.

I have a lot of compassion for the "burned" and the "frozen," and I get it. It's what this worldspeak concept is all about. Compassion, listening, loving, healing. But the arrogance of absolute beliefism, whether religious or atheist, isn't just uncomfortable to be around: it's sickening. God help me if my disillusion leads me to a New Kind of Fundamentalism (NKOF) - becoming a fundamentalist of any kind makes one just like any other.

Some might still accuse me of fundamentalism because I'm very ENTHUSIASTIC... but I have changed a lot... and here's the big difference: I'm not angry anymore.

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